One of our top insurance providers is the AARP organization. They are one of the best places to look if you are older and in need of auto insurance as they offer full service with quality pricing and support.

Here is what AARP has to say about their services:

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Great rates and rewards on car insurance from The Hartford.


Switch your car insurance to the AARP® Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford1 and save. Enjoy great rates that recognize your experience and the extra benefits you deserve as an AARP member. You may even be eligible for additional savings. To learn more about the added savings and benefits for which you are eligible get a quote. It’s easy!

Lifetime Renewability
Once you have an auto insurance policy with The Hartford, your coverage will be renewed for as long as you’re able to drive. Just meet a few simple requirements such as maintaining a valid driver’s license and paying your premiums.

12-Month Rate Protection
You can relax knowing your low auto insurance premium is locked-in for a full year. This sets us apart from other insurers who may change rates every six months or even sooner.

RecoverCare – Assistance After an Accident
The Hartford is here for you if you’re injured in an auto accident. This coverage provides reimbursement for essential home services you cannot perform yourself, such as house cleaning, lawn maintenance, and even dog walking. This coverage applies when injuries are not already covered by Medicare or health insurance.

New Car Replacement Coverage
If you total your new car within the first 15 months or 15,000 miles after you buy it (whichever comes first), we’ll pay to replace it with a new vehicle of the same make, model and equipment – with no deduction for depreciation.

Lifetime Car Repair Assurance
Use one of the 1,600+ authorized repair shops in our approved network, and we’ll stand behind the workmanship of covered repairs for as long as you own or lease your vehicle. With this great coverage, you won’t have to go through the hassle of finding a trusted repair service after an accident.

24/7 Claims Hotline
Accidents can happen any time of day or night and you deserve an insurance company that can respond immediately no matter what time you call. You can reach our claims reporting service 24/7, and we’ll walk you through the car insurance claims process. Our 6-Point Claim Commitment is your assurance of getting prompt, caring service from the start of your claim to the end.

Enjoy even more car insurance protection.


In addition to the features and benefits mentioned above, the Advantage PLUS package includes:

First Accident Forgiveness
Everyone makes mistakes once in a while. Once you qualify, if you’re involved in an accident, that first accident will be forgiven and your premium won’t increase as a result. To qualify, all drivers on the policy must have a clean driving record for five consecutive years.

Disappearing Deductible
We believe in rewarding great drivers. With our disappearing deductible, your collision deductible on your car insurance policy will go down each year – all the way to $0 – as long as you maintain a clean driving record.

One Deductible
If you file a claim for a loss involving two of your vehicles that are covered by a car insurance policy with The Hartford, you’ll pay only one deductible – whichever is higher – for the covered losses to the vehicles. This benefit also applies if your car and home are involved in the same covered loss and you carry homeowners insurance with The Hartford. You’ll pay only the highest deductible.

Waiver of Deductible for a Not-At-Fault Accident
In most cases, if you are not at fault in an accident, The Hartford will waive your deductible.

$100 Deductible Waiver
Typically, even if you’re not at fault, you may have to pay out of pocket for repair costs that fall below the deductible amount of your car insurance policy. With The Hartford, you can have your car repaired at any shop you choose. However, when you elect to use a Hartford-authorized shop for vehicle repair, we’ll reduce your collision deductible by $100. Not available in all states.


Additional discounts and deductibles are available, see the following link to learn more: