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Auto Insurance can provide safety for you and your family from incurring any losses if and when you have an accident on the road. There are some agreements that you make with a insurance company when signing up for a auto insurance plan, it is a contract between the insurance company and yourself. Certain things are required to keep up with that contract including paying the premium for your insurance policy on a regularly scheduled payment plan or in 6 month increments. Other guarantees are made on behalf of the insurance provider as well, including paying for your losses and other things that are clearly defined in your policy details.

Your auto insurance plan can provide a wide range of coverage depending on what options you have available and would like to include in your package. Some may suit your particular situation very well and others may not; depending on if you are single or have a family with children to protect as well there may be different combinations of options and coverage that you may wish to explore. For example you may want to make sure your significant other is covered is they take your vehicle out for groceries and something unfortunate happens along the way.


Types of Insurance Coverage: The Basics


content-3The three main types of coverage for a auto insurance policy are Property coverage, Liability coverage and finally Medical coverage. Property coverage basically will cover any damage or theft of property that you vehicle may incur; the extent of your property coverage will determine how much your insurance company will pay out and under what exact circumstances they will do so. Liability coverage will help pay for any legal responsibilities that may exist as a result of an accident which may incur any damage to either yourself or your vehicle. This coverage may also be extend to the other party that is involved in the accident under certain circumstances, this is something to be aware of. Medical coverage will define the amount and circumstances under which your insurance provider will pay for the bills related to treating injury or towards rehabilitation for that injury. Additionally, medical coverage can also help to cover lost pay and, in the unfortunate occasion, funeral expenses.

Most states will require you to purchase auto insurance and may also require you to reach a certain amount of coverage to legally drive or reside in that states territory. If you are leasing, financing or selling you vehicle then there may also be certain requirements for your auto insurance coverage; make sure to check with your local driver’s license bureau to learn about your specific requirements and legal ramifications. The majority of auto policies are for six month to 1 year terms and depending on many factors could be significantly lower as you provide more detailed information to your provider or qualify for various discounts and credits.


Understanding Your Policy: The Details


The most basic forms of auto insurance coverage that are required by states across the US will provide financial protection if either yourself or a loved one or even another driver using your vehicle is determined to be the cause of a accident that may have damaged another individuals car or property or another person or combination thereof.


Thinking Ahead


It is imperative that you take the time to understand your policy coverage options and make the best, most informed, decision you can about your policy details. We encourage you to try and think into the future and imagine the possibilities of things you may want to protect or keep safe from the potential harm across the road. Gain an understanding of what may be covered and what may not be, ask detailed questions about specific scenarios and make sure to learn all that you can before jumping in to make a purchase.

There are so many different types and amounts of coverage that it can be daunting at first but a quality insurance agent should be able to walk you through all the details and help you understand your options. Does your state have a required minimum and are you meeting that amount in your policy choices? At times, state required minimum insurance plans could not necessarily cover the complete cost of a very serious crash or accident. Make sure you have all of the coverage you think may need to be comfortable if such a unforeseen event should happen to you, consider raising the level of your coverage wisely.


The Details Are Important

There are various types of coverage available for auto insurance policies, some are required and some may not be required depending on your location and local legislation. In most occasions, these various options are presented as options which are priced individually allowing for a completely custom policy specifically designed with you and your budget in mind.


Mandatory Coverage Required In Your Auto Insurance Policy


content-2Almost every state across the US will require that drivers have secured in their policy a certain amount of liability coverage, this usually brakes down into the following two main sections: Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability. Bodily Injury Liability coverage is the amount and extent to which your insurance provider will pay out for any costs related to injury or death that either you or another person driving your car may cause to another individuals car or associated properties. Property Damage Liability coverage is the amount and extent to which your insurance provider will pay out for any costs related to reimbursement for other persons or businesses or additional entities in relation to any damage that may have been caused to their property or vehicle by any person or persons operating your vehicle.

Additionally, most every state across the US may require that drivers have secured in their policy a certain amount of additional coverage outside of the two mentioned above. This may include Personal Injury Protection and Uninsured Motorist coverage. Personal Injury Protection or PIP coverage is the amount and extent to which your insurance provider will pay out for any costs related to reimbursement for medical expenses related to any injuries incurred by yourself or any passengers in your vehicle at the time, this may also cover lost pay and other related expenses. Uninsured Motorist coverage is the amount and extent to which your insurance provider will pay out for any costs related to reimbursement for scenarios where your accident experience was not caused by yourself and the other party happens to not have any form of auto insurance coverage or lack the necessary coverage to pay your costs completely in their policy.

We highly suggest that you consider these two additional coverage options when researching and deciding on your final auto insurance policy for a total and complete amount of protection on the road.


Non-Mandatory Coverage Options In Your Auto Insurance Policy


Broken Car WindshieldAs most states do have basic requirements for your auto insurance policy and coverage there are still a few more types of coverage that we have not yet mentioned and which we feel need to be explained to provide you with a full picture of your available options whether they are mandatory or not. For example, basic and legal requirements will usually cover damages you cause and damages to yourself, they may not cover the damage that has been done to your own vehicle. However, some of the following optional insurance coverage can make sure you have everything under control for all aspect of your accident: Collision, Comprehensive and Glass coverage.

Collision coverage is what will help you claim reimbursement costs for any damages done to your vehicle as a result of your accident. This coverage may not pay out for mechanical issues or general usage on your vehicle it can cover things that happen as a result of other properties like a pot hole for example. Comprehensive coverage will provide some protection against theft of any items in your vehicle and other issues outside of a direct collision or accident experience. This will cover things like theft, vandalism, fires, flooding, falling trees or rocks and money more. Glass coverage is simple, your windshield and other windows of your vehicle are covered from any damage in and out of a accident scenario, allowing you to replace your windshield if a rock or other debris may cause a crack or break in the glass.

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